A beloved Game of Thrones character finally made a return in season 7, episode 5


Wow! A really shocking appearance.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

After four seasons of being MIA and fans wondering whether writers had just casually pushed his story off the writing table and onto the floor, a beloved Game of Thrones character has returned to the show.

The big moment of episode 5 of Season 7 was an unexpected appearance from Gendry, who FINALLY stopped rowing to emerge triumphantly back into the game.

If you’re racking your brain trying to remember who the eff Gendry is and didn’t you see him in Skins once or something, then have no fear because here’s a quick refresh.

Gendry first came into the show as a pretty unassuming character. He was apprentice to master armorer Tobho Mott in season one, but an unexpected plot twist later revealed that – unbeknownst to him – he was actually an illegitimate child of King Robert Baratheon.

Following his father’s death, Gendry headed off to join the Night’s Watch alongside Arya Stark and the two went on to become pretty close after a few stints of imprisonment. It does wonders for your friendship.

Arya and Gendry became separated when the Brotherhood Without Banners sold him to Melisandre.

It was the Red Priestess who revealed to Gendry his true identity, but that’s about as far as her favours went. She then seduced him to leech his blood for sacrifice before locking him in a cell under Dragstone. Gendry has got Davos to thank for his eventual escape, which saw him sailing off into the distance for an indefinite return.

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Since then, Gendry has been nothing but an endless rowing meme across the internet – but his time finally came in Sunday night’s episode Eastwatch, as previously promised by actor Joe Dempsie.

Davos swung by Flea Bottom to recruit Gendry to Team Jon Snow – and seeing as he’s been spending his time reluctantly boosting the Lannister armoury, Gendry was more than happy to grab his hammer, join the King of the North and head off to face the White Walkers. At this point, that is apparently favourable to supporting the Lannisters.

The hammer is important too, FYI. It was also his father’s signature weapon of choice.

‘Gendry played an important part in the lives of more than one main character in the show,’ showrunner Dan Weiss said in the episode rundown.

‘It wasn’t so much a question of whether to bring him back as it was how to bring him back.’

‘We realised that Davos could either be sitting, waiting by the boat, twiddling his thumbs or he could go and look for the guy who ended up being almost like a surrogate son to him,’ Weiss explained.

‘His role just kind of took shape from there.
‘He’s not going to lie to Jon about who he is, and especially when telling him the truth could help him be a part of things which is something he’s probably wanted very much for the past three or four years.’


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