Here’s Jon Snow’s Letter To Sansa Stark

In the Season 7 finale, Sansa receives a raven from Jon informing her he’s given up the crown – and she’s not at all pleased.

HBO has released the prop that was used in the show on their behind-the-scenes website, and it clears the matter up even further.

The letter got a passing mention in episode 7, but this is the first time we’ve been able to see the text in full. The letter reads,


Cersei Lannister has pledged her forces to our cause, as has Daenerys Targaryen. And if we survive this war, I have pledged our forces to Daenerys as the rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. We are both coming to organise the defence of the realm.

Jon Snow, Warden of the North

Obviously we already know all of the information conveyed, but there are a couple of small points in the letter worth mentioning.

First, Jon writes: “I have pledged our forces.” Not only has he made it clear who is in charge with that wording, but he’s also casually conveying an absolutely enormous decision with just a single, blunt line of text. There’s no explanation, and no apology.

The second thing of note is his signature: “Warden of the North“. This is another very blunt way of communicating a pretty huge change in the Starks’ situation. Jon has renounced his former title, essentially a decision that will affect all the Northerners including Sansa, and he’s told her about it in the most flippant way possible.

Now obviously there’s only so much room for writing on these little raven scrolls, but still: Sansa is already feeling left out of the loop, and the contents of this note will only make things worse.

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The Making of Game of Thrones blog also gave us a look at the dusty diary of High Septon Maynard that – with some help from Gilly – blew the lid off the whole Jon Snow parentage situation:

High Septon Maynard's Diary - Jon's Letter to Sansa

Game of Thrones season 8 is set to start filming this October.




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