Your Children Will Watch Porn, Just Face It

The following article you’re about to read was an imterview between  Peggy Orenstein and Sarah Fallon, I just felt like sharing it with you. VISITORS TO PORNHUB, the largest porn site on the internet, watched about 92 billion sexytime videos last year. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I have two young sons; I

Inside Oreo’s Quest TO Protect Your Phone

Android’s recently released Oreo update packs in plenty of features, including a battery life boost and a notifications rethink. But Oreo’s most important improvements will happen behind the scenes, with a host of security updates designed to evolve with ever-expanding digital threats. From halting ransomware to blocking malicious apps and easing Android’s longstanding fragmentation woes, Oreo tackles

Have you ever seen 10 health benefits of this act?

Accoriding to experts, there are abundant physical and psychological health benefits of s*x which many people do not know about. A report by aside from reproduction, pleasure, and intimacy, s*x seems to have a positive impact on many life areas, including work, physical and cognitive performance, marriage, and happiness into our senior years. S*x

The funny truth about relationships: expectations vs. reality [Photos]

Relationships are complicated, but at the same time they are fascinating. Both men and women will agree with that statement. Everybody needs harmony, understanding, trust and…love, of course. Just where would we all be without it? We thought it was time to remind you that not everything goes according to plan when it comes to

6 Tips for women that will keep men hooked

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider have become widely popular for their bestselling book The Rules. Thousands of women worldwide have already used their advice and given outstanding feedback. Today we bring you the most interesting (from our point of view) parts of The New Rules which continues to give recommendations on how to keep your

Do You Want a Salary Raise? Here are a Few Tips for You

In an ideal world, every organization would have a payment structure that reflects uniformity and equality with regards to the qualification, experience and even gender of its personnel. Employees will be treated with utmost regard, and extra earning or increments to be awarded to them upon achieving certain milestones or putting in extra time- they