Choir members caught having sex in church premises

It is awful to behold Members Of Church Choir Caught Having Sex On Sidewalk After Church Service.

Isn’t it funny how we can forgive a dog if they start humping like a bunch of…
well animals, but if two humans are doing it in front of a church, it’s not only
considered an act of lewdness and indecent exposure, but it also has
consequences with the big guy upstairs? Well, recently, two people, one of whom
looks a little like Wayne Brady from.

Have you ever wondered what the members of the church choir do when they’re
not rehearsing?
Well, apparently, it involves fornicating in front of the church, like these two did
out of Vernon Baptist Church.

Sure, they looked shocked when the photo was taken, but what’d you expect?
If you’re going to do it in public in broad daylight, possibly on a Sunday morning,
then you can bet your panties and short that some onlooker will take a photo of
your little sexcapade.

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