Lady Breaks Her Neck And Lands In The Mortuary While Twerking On Her Head (Photos & Video)

Oh No!! it has happened, a girl has literally landed in the mortuary in the name of Dancing, The video below has to be one of the brutal video you will get to watch today… You’re about to watch someone’s neck snap while she was twerking.

So, if you can’t handle this! Do Not Continue!

In the video which has now gone viral, the girl can be seen getting into position for the dance and trying to find her balance.

She lifts her legs into the air and as soon as she feels she’s found her balance, she raises her legs higher and begins to twerk until she rolled over and her neck snapped painfully.

It is not known if she survived the incident.

According to many comments on the video the girl is dead, many others are saying she is completely paralysed from her neck downwards

I guess they consider this dancing , I hope the rest of them see this and realize it’s not worth losing your life over just to show people your ass is so fat it jiggles (lol), There’s nothing good about this at all and this girl according to snoops is reported DEAD!

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