Some Questions Game Of Thrones’ Fan Are Asking

If you’ve been following up the series, from at least the current season (Season 7), you would have noticed some flops, skipped scenes and all.

All these ‘errors’ has really put the viewers in a state of confusion and uncertainty.

HBO also agreed that the latest episode – episode 7’s timeline doesn’t make much sense (is it just episode 7 or arguably all episodes from season 7).

These are few questions i could gather, these questions have been giving viewers a lot of headaches (me inclusive).

  • How did it take Jon Snow, The hound and others more than a day to travel from castle black to where they met the walkers but took Gendry less than that to return back to castle black?.

  • How could the ravens fly so fast from Castle black to Dragonstone to give an information  to Daenerys Targeryen, which made her make a rapid response back to the crew?

  • If she (Daenerys) flew that fast – wouldn’t she have frozen up while on the dragon?
  • Why did the night king not kill the dragon closest to him?, why did he aim for viserion that was very far away from him? (was he just trying to show off his javelin skills)?.

  • How did uncle Benjen know when to come and help Jon who was almost dead?. And why didn’t he (uncle Benjen) go with Jon?.

Drop your comments if you have answers for these questions!!

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