The Simpsons composer Alf Clausen has been fired after 27 years

A classic composer from The Simpsons has been fired from the show after 27 years.

According to Variety, Alf Clausen received a call from show producer Richard Sakai who said the The Simpsons was looking for ‘a different kind of music’ which didn’t require his inclusion.

The composer has won two Emmys in 1997 and 1998 respectively, and earned a massive 21 nominations for The Simpsons going back to 1992.

He’s scored over 560 episodes of the series since he joined in 1990/91, with his last complete score for the show being the season finale for season 28, which aired back in May.

There’s rumours his sacking was cost-cutting measure, which have plagued the show’s production in recent years.

The classic title theme by Danny Elfman however is expected to be maintained.

If you’re wondering what hummable classics Clausen is responsible for, he’s the man behind The Garbage Man Can, The Stonecutters anthem We Do and The Land Of Chocolate.

The greatest however? Everyone Loves Ned Flanders. We are not worthy.

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