Top Movies To Expect In 2018

In this era of major movie studios earmarking their spots on the release schedule years ahead of time, it isn’t too early to start making box office predictions for 2018. Among the already dozens of promising projects slated for release, here are some of the movies we’re projecting to hit big, in order of their expected release date.
Maze Runner: The Death Cure – January 12, 2018

Production on the third Maze Runner installment was delayed roughly a year due to a gruesome injury suffered by lead actor Dylan O’Brien on the set. Much to the relief of James Dashner’s loyal fanbase, however, the movie wasn’t canned altogether, despite the setback and a middling domestic box office return on the first sequel, The Scorch Trials. The series’ third run at the big screen will kick off nearly a year after its planned release date, but its promise to finally give those gladers their big showdown with WCKD should be enough to give audiences their second wind and get them out for the franchise’s finish line.


Horse Soldiers – January 19, 2018

Just a couple of months before throwing down with Thanos, Chris Hemsworth will temporarily leave the MCU for the mountains of Afghanistan. In January 2018, the Australian actor will star in Horse Soldiers, a war film based on a true story by Doug Stanton. The movie is set shortly after 9/11, and focuses on a group of American soldiers who join up with the Northern Alliance to battle the Taliban. And as the title implies, Hemsworth will travel across the desert atop a faithful steed.

Joining Hemsworth in his war against terrorism are Michael Shannon and Michael Pena, and while the film is helmed by first-time director Nicolai Fuglsig, the screenplay was written by two veterans: Peter Craig (The Town, Blood Father) and Ted Tally (The Silence of the Lambs, All the Pretty Horses). The movie will also mark the first time Hemsworth will star in a movie with his wife, Elsa Pataky, who will be playing—appropriately enough—his wife. So yeah, they’ll probably make a pretty convincing couple.

Extinction – January 26, 2018

With movies like The Martian, Edge of Watch, and Ant-Man on his resume, Michael Peña is one of the most underrated actors working today, so we’re pretty excited that he’s getting the chance to flex his leading man muscles in Extinction, a sci-fi thriller directed by Ben Young (Hounds of Love). The script will be written by Spenser Cohen, Brad Caleb Kane, and Eric Heisserer (who also wrote Arrival, one of the best movies of 2016), and the movie sounds like something Steven Spielberg might’ve directed back in the 1970s.

Extinction focuses on a family man (Peña) who keeps having nightmares about losing his family, and when aliens suddenly invade Earth, it looks like those dreams might be coming true. With the fate of his family on the line, Peña must do everything in his power to protect his loved ones from this otherworldly threat. The movie will also star Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), Lex Shrapnel (Captain America: The First Avenger), and Mike Colter (Luke Cage), and while that’s all great news, we really just want to see Michael Peña go toe-to-toe with a bunch of evil extraterrestrials.


White Boy Rick – January 26, 2018

When Ricky Wershe Jr. was only 14, the Detroit teenager was recruited as a snitch by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, making him the FBI’s youngest informant ever. The kid was then able to infiltrate a powerful gang and help the feds arrest some dangerous drug lords. But soon after, Wershe himself became a big-time dealer…that is (spoilers) until he was arrested at the age of 17 and sentenced to life without parole.

Really, a story this wild was just begging for someone to make it into a movie, and fortunately, director Yann Demange (’71) was only too happy to oblige. White Boy Rick—he’s a Caucasian kid in a largely black city—is set to hit theaters on January 26, and it looks like Demange’s movie will be a great opportunity to launch newcomer Richie Merritt into the Hollywood spotlight as the titular white boy, and he’ll be acting alongside veterans like Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Bruce Dern, not to mention Bel Powley and Rory Cochrane.

As Ricky Wershe’s story recently took a strange turn, it’ll be interesting to see how these events will affect the film. We’re also excited to see what could possibly be Merritt’s star-making role in what promises to be one of the craziest true crime stories of the year.

Fifty Shades Freed – February 9, 2018

Whip out your wallets, because the third round of E.L. James’ so-called “mommy porn” movies is hitting theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day, and this trilogy-ender is bound to be a date night must for the Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) faithful who want to see the climax of his whirlwind, erotic romance with Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson).


Black Panther – February 16, 2018

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding even further in Phase Three, with Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther branching out to Wakanda to focus on T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), who made his onscreen debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. With an all-star cast that includes Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead), along with frequent Coogler collaborator Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station, Creed), Black Panther is poised to continue the MCU’s streak of box office domination.

Annihilation – February 23, 2018

Getty Images
If you’ve seen Ex Machina, then you know Alex Garland can certainly make a creepy sci-fi film. And now he’s following his directorial debut with another eerie movie: an adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s critically acclaimed novel Annihilation.

The story follows a team of female specialists (Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Gina Rodriguez) who venture into a mysterious region known as Area X. Multiple groups have tried to explore this quarantined zone, only to disappear or wind up dead. One of these unlucky adventurers was Portman’s husband (Oscar Isaac), and now she hopes to discover what happened to him and, hopefully, make it back to civilization alive.

With so many talented people involved, Annihilation promises to rival Ex Machina when it comes to sci-fi awesomeness. Isaac has praised the film’s unique visuals, telling Entertainment Weekly we should expect something “very weird and very beautiful.” VanderMeer also described the film as “surreal” and “extremely horrific,” promising the folks at Collider that the ending will prompt as much discussion as the finale of 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Red Sparrow – March 2, 2018

It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Jennifer Lawrence in 2018, and we do mean a lot of her. The actress’s upcoming spy thriller, Red Sparrow, will most likely hit theaters with a hard R rating, thanks to a couple of edgy sex scenes. And who will be sharing a bed with Ms. Lawrence? Why, it’s none other than Australian actor Joel Edgerton (Warrior, Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Great Gatsby), although it looks like their love affair is going to be a rather tricky one.

Based on a novel by Jason Matthews (an ex-CIA officer), Red Sparrow is set during the Cold War, and it follows a talented ballerina named Dominika Egorova (Lawrence) who tragically breaks her leg. After she’s sidelined from the stage, Dominika is recruited by the Soviets and trained in the art of seduction, but things get complicated when she goes up against Edgerton’s American agent. According to Emma Watts, the vice chairman of 20th Century Fox Film, “The two begin this cat and mouse seduction and fall in love, but you’re never really sure if the relationship is real and whose side you’re on.”

Red Sparrow will also star Jeremy Irons, Ciaran Hinds, and the inimitable Charlotte Rampling as Lawrence’s instructor, and it’ll be directed by Gary Ross, who worked with Lawrence on Catching Fire and both Mockingjay movies.

A Wrinkle In Time – March 9, 2018

Amazingly, Madeleine L’Engle’s cherished sci-fi/fantasy children’s classic has yet to be adapted to death by Hollywood. The only prior cinematic go at the story of the children who travel through space and time in search of their father came by way of a 2003 TV movie. So for director Ava Duvernay, the sky itself isn’t even a limit as to what she can do with this beloved tale—and she’s brought in a boatload of A-listers to help her bring the saga to the silver screen, including Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Pena, Mindy Kaling, and Oprah Winfrey.

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Tomb Raider – March 16, 2018

Even without Angelina Jolie back for another round of archeological badassery as Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider reboot-slash-prequel should fare nicely with recent Oscar winner Alicia Vikander stepping into the leading role. The new film is expected to take viewers back in time into an earlier chapter from the character’s history, with Croft on a search for her father and Walton Goggins coming on to play the villain du jour.

Pacific Rim: Uprising – March 23, 2018

The domestic receipts for 2013’s Pacific Rim were a disappointment—and not just because it failed to earn back its production budget at home. The Guillermo del Toro film was actually pretty well-liked by those who did venture out to see the stylish sci-fi showcase, and the lackluster North American ticket sales of the first film seemed to put the idea of a follow-up in the “unlikely” column. However, international sales gave producers enough motivation to justify greenlighting a second round of the Jaeger-Kaiju smackdown, and John Boyega (The Force Awakens) joins the cast as the son of Idris Elba’s character from the first installment.


Robin Hood – March 23, 2018

We’ve had Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner, and an animated fox. And now it looks like Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Eddie the Eagle, Sing) will don Robin Hood’s trademark green tights. Working with director Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders, Black Mirror) Egerton is bringing the outlaw archer back to the silver screen, although his version won’t be quite as merry as the ones we’ve seen before.

Written by Joby Harold (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword), Robin Hood is going to be like a medieval version of Batman Begins, showing us how Robin of Locksley became Great Britain’s most famous bandit. According to Deadline, the movie will take place after Robin returns home from the Crusades only to find that Sherwood Forest is now “rife with corruption and evil.” Naturally, Robin decides to form a Saxon supergroup and fight the powers that be, only his war against the crown will have a “Dark Knight tone.” In fact, Jamie Foxx—who’s playing Little John—says the movie “looks like you’re watching Zero Dark Thirty.”

Taking Robin Hood in a dark direction is certainly an interesting choice, and with the winning combo of Egerton and Foxx, the upcoming action flick could be one of 2018’s most exciting movies. Plus, Ben Mendelsohn—the greatest character actor alive today—is playing the Sheriff of Nottingham. Rounding out the cast, we’ve got Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlett, Eve Hewson as Maid Marian, and Tim Minchin as Friar Tuck, although strangely enough there’s no word yet on who will play the infamous Prince John.

Ready Player One – March 30, 2018

While dystopian young adult adaptations have been far from automatic at the box office lately, Ernest Cline’s bestselling novel has all the components to make it a solid success: an engrossing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-meets-Hackers narrative, a strong cast (Ben Mendelsohn, T.J. Miller, Mark Rylance, Hannah John-Kamen, and Olivia Cooke), and a blockbuster director (Steven Spielberg) who’s shown he’s passionate about the source material.


New Mutants – April 13, 2018

Now that the X-Men movies have exhausted pretty much every timeline they can leap into and out of with Logan’s dismal glimpse of the future, it’s time for the New Mutants to start running the school. Directed by Josh Boone, New Mutants will likely introduce a bevy of new talented teens who, as in the comic spinoff series of the same name, are trained by Professor Charles Xavier to emerge as a new class of world heroes.

The biggest stars of the comic series had some mutant skills that should be pretty fun to see unfold onscreen, including Sunspot (a character who made a brief cameo in X-Men: Days of Future Past played by Adan Canto), who turns into a ball of dangerous UV radiation, Mirage the spooky soothsayer, and even the shape-shifting, pseudo-sentient robot Warlock. It remains to be seen which of the comics’ most fascinating kids will make it into the new generation of the X-Men film series, but it should open up the franchise to a younger audience who doesn’t need to know the decades of X movies past to enjoy it.

Super Troopers 2 – April 20, 2018

When Super Troopers came out in 2001, the cop comedy failed to impress critics, but over the years, it’s morphed into a genuine cult classic. Fans have been eagerly awaiting a sequel…and they’ve been waiting for quite awhile. But finally, 17 years and one successful Indiegogo campaign later, it looks like the members of Broken Lizard will finally bring their prankster patrolmen back to the big screen.

In an interview with Seven Days, comedian Steve Lemme hinted the film would hit theaters—appropriately enough—on April 20 (4/20), and now that date is set in stone. According to Entertainment Weekly, the plot will focus on the original five troopers (Lemme, Jay Chandrasekhar, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, and Kevin Heffernan), as they’re “called in to set up a new Highway Patrol Station in an area at the center of a border dispute between the U.S. and Canada.”

As for the rest of the cast, Brian Cox, Marisa Coughlan, and Lynda Carter are all coming back, and West Wing veteran and infamous Oscar host Rob Lowe will show up as well. While you’re waiting for the trailer, be sure to check out some of the set photos.


Rampage – April 20, 2018

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is on deck to star in this adaptation of the classic arcade game about giant monsters fighting each other and destroying city skylines for the heck of it—and with a killer blockbuster premise like that, it doesn’t actually matter that it’s a ridiculous concept. Johnson will reunite with director Brad Peyton—the same pairing that brought box office glory to 2012’s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and 2015’s San Andreas.

Isle of Dogs – March 23, 2018

With their lateral tracking shots and immaculately-designed sets, Wes Anderson movies are always a cause for celebration. Luckily for Anderson fans everywhere, the director’s latest film is coming out in 2018, and similar to Fantastic Mr. Fox, this one is going to be stop motion.

Titled Isle of Dogs, the movie takes place in Japan and centers on a boy trying to find his missing pet. Anderson has stated the film was inspired by Rankin-Bass shorts and Akira Kurosawa films—a rather odd combination; will there be canine katanas?—and while we don’t know much else about the plot, we can definitely say this movie has one fantastic cast.

Obviously, Bill Murray is going to be in this thing, but we’ve also got Tilda Swinton, Jeff Goldblum, and Scarlett Johansson. There’s Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Liev Schreiber, and Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston. We can’t forget about Greta Gerwig and Courtney B. Vance, and we’ve got to mention Bob Balaban, F. Murray Abraham, and Harvey Keitel.

Even Yoko Ono is in this movie. Yes, that Yoko Ono. And who knows, since this film is about our four-legged friends, maybe Anderson will have her sing “Hound Dog.”


Avengers: Infinity War – May 4, 2018

If we had to pick a shoo-in for smash of the summer, it’d have to be this. How can it miss? The MCU has really all been building up to this moment. Iron Man and his Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel—everyone’s gonna be there for the big battle’s beginning. This is the blockbuster of the year, no doubt about it.

Han Solo – May 25, 2018

Now that Rogue One has proven that the Star Wars galaxy is viable even outside the traditional Skywalker/Organa/Obi-Wan narrative, the Han Solo prequel (with Alden Ehrenreich taking over the role from Harrison Ford) has sturdier legs than Artoo. The film, directed by Ron Howard (who took over after Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were surprisingly fired), co-stars TV’s Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover, and looks to shed light on how Han became such a swagger-filled space scoundrel in the first place. Given Han’s fate in The Force Awakens, the Han Solo faithful should be eager to see a story from his younger days. We’re just glad they’re casting an actor to replace him instead of going for CGI.


Deadpool 2 – June 1, 2018

Ryan Reynolds made a triumphant return as Wade “Merc with a Mouth” Wilson in Deadpool after a tepid response to his first turn as the much-altered character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The unexpected departure of director Tim Miller is a little troubling, but Reynolds remains dedicated to the franchise—and the sequel is adding a telekinetic lady mercenary named Domino (Zazie Beetz) on board for the next round of action, as well as the highly anticipated arrival of Deadpool’s frequent comics cohort Cable (played by Josh Brolin).

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Ocean’s Eight – June 8, 2018

Directed by Gary Ross (The Hunger Games, Pleasantville, Seabiscuit), Ocean’s Eight is taking the basic premise of Ocean’s Eleven—a group of quirky cons pull off an incredibly elaborate heist—and giving it the old gender swap. A movie like this totally depends on the likability of its cast, and similar to the George Clooney version, Ocean’s Eight has assembled one of the very best teams in recent memory.

Sandra Bullock will play Debbie Ocean, but instead of hitting a casino, she’s got her eyes set on New York City’s annual Met Gala. Specifically, she plans on fleecing her ex-lover (played by Damian Lewis of Homeland and Billions), but of course, she can’t make off with the money without a little help. So assisting Debbie Ocean in her criminal caper are Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, and Awkwafina.

Yeah, that’s pretty incredible. But wait, we’ve got more. The movie will also star James Corden, Richard Armitage, and a member of the original Eleven (spoilers—it’s Matt Damon). With a cast that awesome, it’s seems likely that Ocean’s Eight will totally be able to hold its own against Steven Soderbergh’s classic. But hey, at the very least, it can’t be any worse than the Frank Sinatra version.


The Incredibles 2 – June 15, 2018

Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles was a blast, but writer-director Brad Bird took a long break—as he’s oft been known to do—before getting down to work on a second installment. Details on the sequel are slim, but with our live-action comic heroes spiraling into Civil War lately, it might be prime time to offer up a return to good old-fashioned villain-fighting.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – June 22, 2018

After what happened in 2015’s Jurassic World, it might be hard to envision a scenario that would allow Isla Nublar to reopen for business after so much dino devastation (again). But World’s box office domination made a sequel a no-brainer—and while we can’t even guess what they’ll get up to this time around, we know stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will reprise their roles, joined by original franchise star Jeff Goldblum.


The Purge: The Island – July 4, 2018

Although 2016’s The Purge: Election Year was the end of the directorial road for James DeMonaco with his dystopian thriller series, the series’ originator is helping to pen the script for the fourth installment—which, perhaps not coincidentally, will be released on Independence Day.

Details are scant on where the franchise—which imagines an America with a half-day of utter lawlessness during which no crime, even murder, is subject to prosecution—will go after Election Year put an end to one part of the storyline. However, DeMonaco revealed some of his plans for the next Purge in an interview with CinemaBlend, saying, “I would actually go back and I would try to talk about how it all started. That seems the natural next chapter in this, is to say, ‘All right, we’ve done this trilogy. We see how it got to this point of someone trying to end it—this presidential figure. Now let’s go back and see how the f— all this came about.’ How did this country get to a place where we were now accepting this kind of atrocity, this terrible thing, each year?'” Given the timing of the film’s release, we have to imagine the phrase “let freedom ring” will take on an all new meaning in The Purge: The Island.

Ant-Man and the Wasp – July 6, 2018

For some, Ant-Man was one of the most family-friendly entries in the MCU to date because the titular character (played by Paul Rudd) was as adorkable and earnest as they come, and the Honey I Shrunk the Kids-esque visual spectacle of the movie was just pure fun to watch. The final act set the stage for Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) to finally suit up alongside our hero, so for those who’ve relished the Wasp’s adventures in the comics, it’s about time we get to see her fly.


The Nun – July 13, 2018

The Conjuring series is quickly making its case that horror movie franchises can be extended universes too. Following in the success of Annabelle, the franchise’s first spinoff (which earned its own 2017 sequel), producers have tapped actress Bonnie Aarons to reprise her role as the Demon Nun from The Conjuring 2 in her own spinoff, titled simply The Nun.

The Conjuring 2 introduced the character, actually a demon named Valak who possessed ghost hunter Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) during seances and made a child do terrible things to her family and herself. Lorraine managed to vanquish Valak; In The Nun, however, Farmiga’s younger sister Taissa will be stepping in for a supporting role, which suggests the new movie is a prequel to The Conjuring 2—perhaps explaining why Lorraine was so vividly affected by Valak’s presence in the first place.

Demian Bichir has also signed on to star as a priest called in to investigate a nun’s death in Rome, and if there’s anything we’ve learned about demonic presences in Hollywood history, it’s that Italy tends to provide quite a creepy backdrop. This’ll definitely be one to watch.

Mission: Impossible 6 – July 27, 2018

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is at it again. Tom Cruise’s director BFF Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation) returns to helm a sixth installment to the covert op action-adventure series, and while details are scant as to what the actual storyline will be, Cruise has promised that some bonkers new stunts he’s spent years training for will be among the many set pieces.


The Predator – August 3, 2018

Kicking off a new round of interplanetary big game hunting, The Predator finds writer-director Shane Black—who made a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in the 1987 original—making a long-overdue return to the franchise. Black’s promised to make it “the biggest Predator yet” with the help of sci-fi savvy stars Boyd Holbrook (Logan) and Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse).

Meg – August 10, 2018

Cue the creepy cello music, because Meg is short for “Megalodon,” an ancient shark that’s tormenting deep sea fishermen in Jon Turteltaub’s adaptation of the Steve Alten bestseller Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. The film features Jason Statham as a rescue diver who must help a stranded submarine and its crew escape the teeth of the prehistoric beast before it’s fin for all of them, alongside Li Bingbing, Ruby Rose, Cliff Curtis, and Rainn Wilson.

Shark movies automatically earn some creeping dread just by their nature, but this flick looks to take us into the depths of our fears—it’s literally dropping the distressed crew and their disabled vessel into the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean. Plus, Statham’s character has had some gnarly experiences with this beast before, which should ramp up the drama yet another tick. Anyone with galeophobia, claustrophobia, or even aquaphobia might have a tough time with this one, but everyone else looks to be in for an action-packed treat.


A Star is Born – September 28, 2018

A Star is Born has already been to the big screen on multiple occasions. There was the 1937 version with Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, the 1954 movie with Judy Garland and James Mason, and then the 1976 film with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. Now, Warner Bros. is giving it another go, only this time, the movie will focus on country music, and it’ll feature some rather unique actors.

Bradley Cooper will play Jackson Maine, musician whose glory days are behind him, but on the way down, he meets a talented woman named Ally (played by, believe it or not, Lady Gaga). The two quickly fall in love, but Jackson sees a lot of potential in Ally and helps her achieve fame and fortune. But as his love interest becomes an international celebrity, Jackson starts suffering his own insecurities and jealousies.

Supporting Cooper and Gaga (who will be billed by her real name, Stefani Germanotta), we’ve got a rather eclectic collection of actors like Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay, and Dave Chappelle. On top of that, the man behind the camera is Cooper himself, making A Star is Born the actor’s first attempt at directing. To capture that authentic feel, the production has been filming at actual music festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury, and better still, Gaga is writing the music for the film. The movie hits theaters on September 28, and honestly, we’re pretty excited to see Germanotta tackle her first role as leading lady.

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Venom – October 5, 2018

Sony’s plans for a Spider-Man cinematic universe, including Sinister Six and Venom movies, seemed to hit the skids when the studio abandoned its Andrew Garfield-led Amazing Spider-Man franchise in favor of another reboot, teaming up with Marvel for joint custody of the character’s film rights and putting Tom Holland in the web-slinger’s duds.

While the Sinister Six movie might still be dead, Venom is officially back on the schedule: the alien symbiote anti-hero is now slated to sling his way into theaters on Oct. 5, 2018, with Tom Hardy in the title role. Sony has a script in hand from Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, both of whom boast experience with different versions of the Spider-Man franchise. Rosenberg did uncredited work on the first installment in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, while Pinkner had a hand in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


Jungle Book – October 19, 2018

Not to be confused with Disney’s animated 1967 classic, Jon Favreau’s live-action version from 2016, or the slew of other adaptations inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s book about a man-cub who’s raised by jungle animals, Andy Serkis’ version of The Jungle Book will feature him in prime mo-cap form, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Rohan Chand.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – November 2, 2018

The title of the newest X-Men installment tells us a lot about what to expect. Jean Grey, played by Sophie Turner, will once again fulfill her destiny as the Phoenix, just as she did in X-Men: The Last Stand when Famke Janssen handled the role. The story will be based upon the X-Men comics’ “Dark Phoenix Saga,” which saw Grey warring with her own dangerous telekinetic skills and being duped into joining the Hellfire Club by Mastermind.

If true to the comics, she’ll succumb to the darker aspects of her skillset in very deadly ways just as her X-Men pals spring her from the legion of baddies, and she’ll have to rely on Professor Xavier to learn to control her powers again until the time comes from her to try and truly separate the two sides of herself by taking proverbial flight.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas – November 9, 2018

No, apparently we have not seen the last of Dr. Seuss’ Christmas-stealing character. While Jim Carrey’s turn as the holiday-hating beast was enough to satisfy the live-action crowd (for now, at least), Universal Pictures is rebooting the animated side of the story by way of co-directors Pete Candeland and Yarrow Cheney, with Benedict Cumberbatch lending his vocals to the title role.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2 – November 16, 2018

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter spinoff series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is on deck for its second installment, following Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) and his pals on another leg of his American adventure through the World of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Following the first film’s introduction of Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) and a mention of Albus Dumbledore, the second film is expected to begin the battle for the ages between the esteemed professor and his former bestie-gone-rogue.


Ralph Breaks the Internet – November 21, 2018

Arcade-style animated video game movies have been a mixed bag at the box office in recent years, but Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph was a commercial and critical success that found a way to entertain kids and parents nostalgic for the 8-bit era. The sequel has Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz entering the world of the Internet. Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, who wrote the original script for Wreck-It Ralph, will share directing duties. “Our production team has been hard at work designing a world that takes something we all know– the Internet– but shows it in a whole new, imaginative way,” said Rich Moore in a press release. “We’re so excited to be working with Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Fix-It Felix, and Sergeant Calhoun again, and we have new characters we look forward to unveiling,” added Johnston. It’s probably safe to expect a lot of emojis.

Untitled Robert Zemeckis/Steve Carell Project – November 21, 2018

Getty Images
Robert Zemeckis has created some truly classic movies over the course of his career—e.g. Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit—and now he’s adding another title to his impressive filmography. Inspired by the 2010 documentary Marwencol, Zemeckis will tell the story of Mark Hogencamp (Steve Carell), a crossdresser who was brutally assaulted by a group of thugs. Suffering from brain damage and PTSD, he coped with his attack by constructing a miniature World War II village in his backyard and concocting elaborate stories with his town full of dolls.

According to Deadline, this untitled project is “about how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit,” and in addition to Carell, it’ll star Gwendoline Christie as Hogencamp’s caretaker and Diane Kruger as a Belgian witch (one of Hogencamp’s characters come to life). The film will also feature Leslie Mann and Janelle Monae, and it’s scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 21. In the meantime, you can do a little research on the real-life story by checking out the trailer for the original documentary or reading about Hogencamp’s life.


Aquaman – December 21, 2018

The introduction of Arthur “Aquaman” Curry in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was but a taste of what’s to come from Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) as the trident-wielding hero, who’ll embrace his destiny as the heir to the kingdom of Atlantis by stretching his sea legs … and some brute strength. Director James Wan (Furious 7) helms the watery actioner, with Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Willem Dafoe also on deck to star.

Mary Poppins Returns – December 25, 2018

Author P.L. Travers might be rolling in her grave over this one, but there’s reason to believe the new installment of the Mary Poppins story could recapture some of the magic of the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious nanny and her now-grown charges. Emily Blunt stars in the title role, with Emily Mortimer, Ben Whishaw, Colin Firth, and Lin-Manuel Miranda supporting. Dick Van Dyke, who played a pair of parts in the classic original, is also expected to appear in the film—although he won’t be appearing as Bert the Chimney Sweep.


Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen – TBD

Sure, we’re all disappointed that Guillermo del Toro won’t be making Hellboy 3, but Neil Marshall’s upcoming adaptation is shaping up to be one incredible superhero flick. With plenty of experience in the horror genre (he’s directed films like Dog Soldiers and The Descendants), Marshall seems to be the perfect guy for the job, and he promises his movie will be rated R and will use practical effects wherever possible.

That’s music to our ears, and better still, Marshall is assembling a first-rate cast. David Harbour of Stranger Things is our new Hellboy, Ian McShane has signed up as Professor Broom, and Milla Jovovich will star as Nimue, the Queen of Blood. On top of that, Sasha Lane of American Honey will play Alice Monaghan, a woman who was kidnapped by fairies and can now talk to the dead.

Of course, the film hasn’t been without controversy. Ed Skrein of Deadpool was cast as Major Benjamin Daimo, a guy who can turn into a jaguar, but as pointed out by Birth.Movies.Death., Daimo is supposed to be Japanese. It certainly seems like Hollywood could’ve cast an Asian-American actor in the part, but while we’re disappointed with the whitewashing, we’re still looking forward to finding out who’ll play Hellboy’s best friend, Abe Sapien.

Madagascar 4 – TBD 2018

The Madagascar movies are quickly becoming as plentiful as the species flourishing on its eponymous island, but there’s one more adventure ahead yet for Alex (voiced by Ben Stiller), Marty (Chris Rock), Melman (David Schwimmer), King Julien (Sacha Baron Cohen), and the rest of their animal pals as they head to their pseudo-homeland of Africa.



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